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My name is Sarah Smalley and I am here to support you during late pregnancy and throughout your early parenting journey.

LACTATION CONSULTATIONS: Support around your infant feeding choices. This includes breastfeeding, bottle feeding, combination feeding, expressing, induced lactation, re-lactation, tongue tie, sore nipples, latching issues, 

positioning and attachment, blocked ducts, breast/nipple pain, engorgement, partner support, formula, frequent feeds, night feeds, mother's diet, over supply, not enough milk, mastitis, length of feeds, inverted nipples, infrequent feeds, growth spurt, nipple shields, not satisfied after feeds, poor weight gain, returning to work, sleep, sore/cracked nipples, stopping breastfeeding, baby's health, biting, breast refusal (and so much more!)

HOSPITAL GRADE BREAST PUMP HIRE: I am an ARDO Carum hospital grade breast pump hire agent in the community and I rent out both single and double machines.​

  • Closed system hospital-grade breast pump

  • Simple to use - control over speed and suction

  • Sensitive setting for tender breasts or nipples

  • Double or single express as desired

  • Arrives ready-to-go – minimal assembly required

Take a look around and explore the various services I offer and the feedback from families that I’ve partnered with.


Sarah Smalley

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC®).

Diploma of Higher Education in Breastfeeding Counselling (University of Bedfordshire).

Breastfeeding Counsellor

National Childbirth Trust (NCT).

International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM).

Masters of Engineering, MEng (Oxford University).

11 years of experience working with new families!

Every birth is unique

Every baby is unique

Every parenting experience is unique

At any point in your parenting journey, if you encounter challenges around your infant feeding choices I'd be happy to explore your unique situation and together craft a positive path forward.



supporting your family

I have the knowledge and experience to support you in a holistic, evidence based, and non-judgemental way and offer a variety of services customised to fit your specific needs. Contact me today to start a conversation!

Mother Baby Bonding
Mother Breastfeeding Baby

Lactation Consultation HOME VISIT

1:1 antenatal/postnatal consultation in the comfort of your own home, up to 90mins

(£140 + parking / congestion)

A home visit usually lasts approximately 90mins so that we can work in an unhurried way, take a good history, observe a feed, answer questions and make sure we leave you in a more positive place.

Lactation Consultation ZOOM online

1:1 antenatal / postnatal consultation, up to 90mins, (£100)

  • 1 initial telephone/video consultation of whatever length is required to take a good history, understand the situation, share knowledge and make a plan

  • ongoing WhatsApp/text support/e-mail follow up for 7 days after on my personal mobile (fair use policy applies!)

Breast Pump Hire

(free local same day delivery)

hospital grade ARDO Carum electric

(single or double)

Package A

Double electric pump hire

two pump

sets £26.50


weekly pump hire £11.75

Package B

Single electric pump hire

one pump

set £16.50


weekly pump hire £11.75


Thank you for such practical, non-judgemental and highly responsive advice, even later in the evening for my new mum feeding emergencies! Your finger feeding technique got Ella to latch properly when she needed to be mixed bottle and breast fed, enabling me to part breastfeed and bond for the critical first two months of her life, despite my very low milk supply. My only regret is not having had an individual session with you before the birth to plan for different feeding situations in more detail.


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